The Simple Storefronts Aftercare Package

I bundle my aftercare package together with website design. Why is this better value than you finding your own cheap hosting plan?

The short answer: this helps me keep your website healthy and effectively representing your business goals.

Here's the long answer.

Aftercare package benefits

Pencil and eraser sketch

Site content updates

Want to change some wording? Move things around? Add a page? I include one hour per month of free work on your site's content.

One hour is longer than it sounds. I use tools that make updates very efficient, and most minor updates only take a few minutes.

Update time is cumulative, with no expiration. If you need a website overhaul in future you may have accumulated enough time to get it done at no extra charge.

Performance sketch


I monitor and update your site software on a daily basis, which is important for both performance and security.

I use additional tools that speed up page load times, making for a better experience for your customers and ensuring that your search ranking doesn't get punished.

I have monitors that notify me if your site goes down for any reason, but my job's pretty easy there: my hosting provider boasts 99.99% uptime.

Metrics bar graph sketch

Site metrics

You can't know how successful your site is without measuring its performance. I set up Google Analytics to track the number of visits to your site and other metrics, such as where your traffic is coming from and what percent of it is accessed from a mobile device. I show you how to access this information whenever you want to see it.


Domain registration (optional)

I can handle your annual domain registration renewal. The renewal fee is included in the aftercare package price. The domain registration stays in your name so you can easily move it if you ever want to.

If you prefer to use your own domain service and renew it yourself, that's fine too. Just don't forget to renew it on time, or you risk losing your site's URL.

Wrench sketch

Software tools and license fees

I've promised to keep the technology under the hood, but there's a lot going on if you peek inside. Your site is made up of many moving software pieces that have to play together nicely and keep working well on many different computers and devices. I've selected the best tools that maintain security, display top performance, and make it easy to update the contents of your site.

Even a small site includes 12 different software licenses on average that have annual fees. These licenses would cost you a few hundred dollars per year but are included at no extra charge in your aftercare package price.

And I update your site to new tools when better ones come along, all at no charge for the tool or my time.

Security lock sketch


I've carefully selected a hosting provider that has a very hands-on attitude about protecting the performance and security of your site. They use an Artificial Intelligence monitor to keep hackers from ever getting to your site in the first place.

I also lock down your site with about 20 other security features that monitor for intrusion, ensure strong passwords, enable two-factor authentication, and so on. I get daily reports of any malicious activity.

Annual review sketch

Annual review

At the end of the year I take a look at the overall health of your site. What does that involve?

I make sure that your site meets the latest industry requirements. For example, in 2017 Google placed a warning in their Chrome browser for any site that doesn't use an encrypted protection. So all sites I build are encrypted. That means your site URL will begin with https:// and you'll see the little lock in your browser address window.

I also do an annual metrics review, check overall performance, and look over your site's content to make sure it's not getting stale.

100 percent satisfaction guaranteed

100% Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee you will be satisfied with your website or service. If not, we will do what it takes to make it right, and failing that, we will refund your money. It's that simple.