Nancy's story

Hi, I’m Nancy Hildebrandt, founding owner of Simple Storefronts. I’ve worked in the Silicon Valley high-tech industry and have been creating websites for myself and others since 1997.

I recently moved to the Willamette Valley in Oregon. I love it. But I found that the majority of small businesses in my area don’t have websites, so I have a hard time finding local resources for what I need. As one local Internet marketer put it, “The local community has been sleepy about getting an online presence.”

Five years ago, people were just starting to use smartphones. Now there are far more smartphones and tablets sold than computers. People expect to find what they want to buy by searching the Internet. I do too! Think about new residents and tourists coming into the area, who maybe have no local friends to ask where to buy things. They need to find YOU.

So I’m on a mission. When I search for a business online, I want to find yours!