Website gallery

I've been designing websites since 1997 for businesses and nonprofits like yours.   Here are some of my recent creations.


I used this company and the service and product is terrific!

Alicia van Driel, Lebanon, Oregon

I use two other websites fairly regularly for some other volunteer work I do, and I wish you would have designed those sites.  They are not nearly as straightforward and easy to use as the one you’re developing for us. Thank you!

Carrie Simpson, Lebanon, Oregon

Build Lebanon Trails

BLT is a nonprofit group that creates and enhances new multi-use trails in the community. I restructured their website so the information flow matches the purposes of the site visitors. They are invited to find a trail, join an event, or get more involved. The call to action is a subscription form for a newsletter that will keep them engaged.

Biel's Home Improvement

This is a recent refresh of an existing site. Mark Biel is a licensed full-service contractor who is lucky enough to get all of his business from referrals, but he wanted a very simple website that would serve as an online business card, where he could greet visitors and express his values. Some day he’d like to add some portfolio shots, but that day hasn’t come yet. As you can see, the site it very small but still friendly, and the call to action is to contact him.

Mount Hamilton Range Improvement Association

This website was developed for a nonprofit organization, who wanted to do their own simple updates. The main purpose of this association is to disseminate information, so the front page is a blog format. Once the website design was completed, I held a couple training sessions on how to publish news, upload graphics, and send out newsletters to their subscribers.

Lawrence Subdivision Water Association

This website was developed for a teeny tiny neighborhood nonprofit water association, who wanted to be able to post their water quality results and alert their neighborhood of upcoming water outages and other news. They now have a form they can fill out that automatically posts the alerts to the website, and the neighbors can sigh up for subscriptions to email alerts. The subscription service is TinyLetter, which is so simple to use that people of any skill level can feel comfortable with it.

The Beekman Law Firm, LLC

A website redesign for a small law firm in a very interesting town. I did a competitive analysis of other small law firms to check colors, big ideas, calls to action, and strengths and weaknesses of each site. This also helped me to get feedback about what the client liked and didn't like before the redesign started.

Cheadle Lake Run

This is a yearly event sponsored by Build Lebanon Trails, but it deserved to have its own website. The new website allowed BLT to accept online sponsorship applications and payments for the first time.

Pro Designs Screen Printing

Client requested that we reproduce their business card logo on the website and that we integrate one of their suppliers' catalogs so their customers could see the range of apparel available.

Fermenter Extraordinaire

Jan Bivins is the fermenter extraordinaire, frequently giving public talks to promote home fermentation in the Willamette Valley. This is a small site with a sample of what she does.

The Turbo Fuegos

This is a single-page brochure site for a small local rock and country band. It's intended to capture the energy of the band. It hasn't been performing the past couple years, so their Facebook feed and event calendar are hidden for now.

A trip back in time: website, 1997

Here's the first website I ever did, for a business of my own, back in 1997. Did you own a computer in 1997?

Someone designed the logo, and I thought the colors were the coolest ever. I used Microsoft's Front Page to design the site. Back then there was a choice of about five different fonts to use for web text – any other font had to be done as a graphic.

I needed credit card processing, but there were no payment gateways that a small business could afford. I finally located a little hosting service in Omaha, Nebraska that would accept customer credit card payments and fax me the information. The concept of security has changed quite a bit since then.

There was absolutely no competition for search results--there was one competing online editing service in the world with a website at that time. To get into the top 10, we'd just go register with each search engine. Alta Vista was the top search engine at that time.

Image of In English Editing Service website